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I am a research software engineer, applied mathematician, and programming and mathematics educator. My experience includes statistical analysis for the U.S. Air Force and performance portable software development as part of the Department of Energy Center for Efficient Exascale Discretizations. I have professional experience in C, Rust, Python, C++, CUDA, Julia, Fortran, and R, as well as experience teaching several other languages. I have taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy, University of Colorado Boulder, and online at freeCodeCamp.



libCEED provides fast algebra for element-based discretizations, designed for performance portability, run-time flexibility, and clean embedding in higher level libraries and applications. It offers a C99 interface as well as bindings for Fortran, Python, Julia , and Rust. While our focus is on high-order finite elements, the approach is mostly algebraic and thus applicable to other discretizations in factored form.

Fluid dynamics example, cold air vortices

Fluid dynamics example of vortices from falling cold air bubble.


Ratel provides solid mechanics solvers based on libCEED and PETSc. While the current library focuses on Elasticity formulations, with ongoing work in quasi-static and fully dynamic examples, the long term goal of this project is to implement the material point method in a matrix free fashion.

Solid mechanics example, twisting beam

Solid mechanics example of beam deforming under twisting force.


Local Fourier Analysis is a tool commonly used in the analysis of multigrid and multilevel algorithms for solving partial differential equations via finite element or finite difference methods. This analysis can be used to predict convergence rates and optimize parameters in multilevel methods and preconditioners. This package provides a toolkit for analyzing the performance of preconditioners for arbitrary, user provided weak forms of partial differential equations.

Local Fourier Analysis, p-multigrid on high-order element

Local Fourier Analysis of p-multigrid for high-order finite element.

Publications and Presentations

A list of my publications can be found on ORCiD and ResearchGate. The source and PDFs of my presentations can be found on GitHub.


Dungeons & Dragons

Theaceae: the land of tea, treasure, and adventure
Astral Sea: the realm between realms, full of intrigue and mystery

Advent of Code

2021: Deep sea trouble
2020: Plane, train, boat